What would you ask an undertaker?

Posted on May 31st, 2018

Freedom Funerals recently teamed up with Age Concern to launch Colchester’s first-ever ‘Ask an Undertaker’ event.

The event, held on Friday 25th May at Age Concern’s new Colchester building, gave visitors the opportunity to talk candidly and informally with Lee, as well as to share their funeral wishes or experiences of bereavement.

‘Ask an Undertaker’ was planned to mark Dying Matters’ Awareness Week, a movement which aims to raise awareness of talking about bereavement, grief and planning for death.

Lee was delighted to help promote the week saying “Talking about death is a positive thing not only helping us to cope with bereavement, but also to shed light on how to make the most of the time we have. The group had lots of questions and we were delighted to help break taboos and provide space for discussion.”

We were delighted that Age Concern also recognised the importance of the Dying Matters by collaborating with us on this particular event. Simon Prestney, of Age Concern Colchester, said: “Dying Matters’ Week is an important time each year, where we make time to open up about the taboo subject of death. Bereavement is something that we will all go through in our lives and all have in common so it’s vital we talk about it openly. We aim to offer advice and guidance to the local community on how to plan for your later years as well as discuss the impact of grief and how to cope with it.”

Freedom Funerals also runs Death Café events in Colchester, to help people open up about these difficult subjects over cake and a cuppa.

We’ll be looking to run more events in the future; if you fancy joining us keep an eye out for updates on our website, contact us or sign up to our newsletter to find out what we have planned.