What is a Direct Cremation?

Posted on October 29th, 2021

One of our priorities at Freedom Funerals is delivering a high level of support throughout one of the toughest periods of life that anyone can go through. As well as providing the very best compassionate care we can to those that need us, we aim to make sure that every funeral service we provide is one that you, and the loved one you have lost, can really be proud of – be it a traditional funeral ceremony, green burial, or cremation.

Our direct cremation service in Essex is no exception. A choice that more and more people are making, a direct cremation represents an alternative to more ‘traditional’ (or religious) funerals, as well as an option which will usually come with a lower price attached than a more elaborate memorial ceremony.

A direct cremation is an unattended, ‘no-frills’, but still very respectful, process. Managed completely by your funeral director, a simple coffin will be provided for the deceased and a cremation will take place on a date at the director’s discretion. You and your loved ones will be advised of when the cremation is taking place, and will be able to collect ashes shortly afterwards, for you to either keep or scatter at a time and place of your choosing.

Rather that what is often the case with other more traditional cremations or burials, there is no attended ceremony with this option – but a direct cremation does give the family and friends of the deceased full freedom to arrange their own informal wake whenever they are ready. Being able to celebrate your lost loved one’s life, completely in your own way without any pressure for elements you do not want, or that do not feel appropriate, is a wonderful way to personalise the funeral experience and allow friends and families alike a chance to spend time together without additional or unnecessary discomfort.

If you want a truly personal, but dignified, memorial for someone you have lost, or for any reason, you are working to a smaller budget than you think may be required, let us help take some of the worry away – a direct cremation might be just the right option. Our friendly, caring team are here for you whenever you need us, simply call us on 01206 862 963 or email to start the conversation.