The Positive Impact of Remembrance

Posted on November 8th, 2019

November is widely recognised as a month that is associated with remembrance. As the world unites to look back and remember those who have fallen, it always prompts us to consider how important the concept of remembrance is when it comes to the very personal process of grieving.

On a large scale, remembrance has a powerful effect, prompting the worldwide population to slow down and really reflect on times past. Taking time to think, and talk, about those that we have lost, the sacrifices and impact they made has a significant effect on people, helping us to look to the future and ‘count our blessings’.

Remembrance is also an essential, if sometimes painful, part of the grieving process. When we lose someone, sometimes it may feel that ‘moving on’ means letting go of that person and thinking about them less frequently in order to manage the emotional pain. A level of acceptance wherein you begin to come to terms with your loss and start to consider the future again will certainly come with time – but this does not mean forgetting.

Our memories are a personal treasure and can come to your aid at times when you’re feeling low. Recollecting your favourite moments with your lost loved one helps keep your memories fresh and give a much-needed boost to your emotional wellbeing. Marking significant dates, such as a birthday or the anniversary of a death, with a visit to a meaningful place or the gathering of loved ones can also be a positive thing. Talking about your feelings, reminiscing together and supporting each other is a wonderful way to keep memories alive – and celebrate life.

We’re truly proud of the services we’re able to offer to support this process for those in their time of need. We take the time to listen to our clients to create an individual funeral service to give grievers a fitting place to come together and share their feelings; and we can talk through the various options for a memorials – physical touchstones such as urns, headstones and plaques – that we find can mean a lot to the families and friends ‘left behind’.

We also provide a full grave maintenance and cleaning service, a thorough and careful process to keep your loved one’s memorial a beautiful and respectful place of rest, so you always have somewhere to go for some quiet reflection and remembrance.

If you need some guidance with arranging a funeral – or simply need someone to lend an ear – our team are on hand day and night. Call us on 01206 862 963 or visit our contact page; we’re always here to help.