The Peace of Mind of Planning Ahead

Posted on June 28th, 2019

The practicalities of what happens after we pass away is not always high on people’s list of favourite topics to talk, or even think, about. Not only is this usually considered a sombre subject, but it can also be a source of real stress as we consider who will take care of everything once we’re gone. Who will arrange your funeral or service? Will they know what you want and hope for? How will the costs be covered?

Here at Freedom Funerals, we believe there are many benefits to speaking about these kinds of subjects with family and friends – and even making some plans in advance. We’ve found this can provide some much-needed peace of mind in what can otherwise be a very distressing situation.

You may already be aware of the variety of options around for planning ahead financially, but we believe part of the process should include your more specific wishes for your funeral or service. While our loved ones know us well, in such a painful time and especially without any discussion in advance, they may not know what your preferences are. This could include anything from your favourite flowers, music or readings for the day – even to the location or style of your service.

As well as helping to ease the immediate strain on your loved ones in the most difficult of times, we’ve found that planning ahead can also be a soothing, cathartic process. This is why we’re so proud of ‘Your Funeral Wishes’, a complimentary service we offer. It has been designed especially for you to document your funeral requirements and preferences well in advance, providing some extra reassurance.

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Otherwise, if you have any questions or require any guidance on this service, on Funeral Plans or anything else, please do get in touch with our team on 01206 862 963 or – we are always here to help.