The Language of Flowers

Posted on March 28th, 2018

Flowers mark so many occasions throughout our lives from a bouquet at the birth of a baby to roses from your Valentine and for many flowers are an important part of a funeral and in supporting the bereaved.

Historically different varieties of flowers have been thought to have special meaning and symbolism creating a floral language. In the past this allowed subtle communication whether expressing admiration, anguish, indifference or more. Communication has clearly moved on a pace and phones, emails and social media making connecting with each other instant and less understated.

The language of flowers is still observed by many people although perhaps not as rigidly as in days gone by. Meanings vary from country to country but red roses remain the quintessential flower of love, freesias mark friendship and lilies purity click here to check out the list for your floral favourites.

At Freedom Funerals we believe that flowers like every part of a funeral should reflect you and your loved one. Whether that is deciding not to have flowers at all, celebrating a life love such as a football team or a favourite pet or simply reflecting a favourite colour the choice is endless.

Please do feel free to talk to our team about your floral wishes – we are on hand and would be delighted to help you.