The Clarity of Transparent Pricing

Posted on January 21st, 2022

We understand how difficult and sad it is when someone close to you passes away; add to that the extra worry of needing to arrange a funeral, and the concern of the potential cost, and it is all too easy to feel overwhelmed. At Freedom Funerals, we want to ease that stress. One way we try to achieve that is by stating the prices of our services in a transparent way – so you know what to expect throughout every step of the process.

How Our Pricing is Transparent

It is always our aim to be open and upfront with you, especially when it comes to our prices; this whole process can be confusing as it is (even if this is unfortunately not your first time arranging a memorial) and we try to reduce any chance that you will be unsure about what you are getting for your money.

We want to make sure that you know exactly how much each of our services cost, so that you can find the right option for you, as well as your budget. We can provide overall prices for our services, but each one is itemised for clarity – not only to explain what each package consists of, but also to clearly demonstrate how much each individual element costs. At all times, you will know exactly what you will be spending, and which elements are, and are not, included – so you can make an informed choice.

If you are unsure what service will be best for you, your friends and family for celebrating the life of someone who has died, whether you are considering a burial or cremation, traditional or non-traditional, we will be able to help you honour your lost loved one however you wish, without the need to spend more than you can afford.

When you’re ready to look through some of our options, including low-cost packages, visit our Funeral Costs page for a list of our services and for itemised costs – and if you would like to discuss your, or your loved ones’ wishes, or need to chat through any concerns about your budget, please do not hesitate to reach out.

We’re Here for You

Our years of experience have shown us just how important a personal approach can be – we are here to work with you to create a meaningful funeral service for the dear one you have lost. If you have any worries at all, including about how to work to your budget, we are ready to lend an ear, talk through your choices and provide the guidance you need at this difficult time.

Call the compassionate Freedom Funerals team on 01206 862 963 as soon as you feel you can and we will support you through this journey.