The changing face of funerals

Posted on June 11th, 2018

The days of black tie and sombre services at funerals are long gone. People’s perception of what a funeral should be have changed and, as a funeral director, we think this is for the better. We would never push our desires upon someone when it comes to funeral decisions, the ceremony should reflect the wishes of the person who has passed away and their family at all times. However, times are changing and here are just some of the little things that have made a big difference to how funerals are run:


The colour now on display at funerals is a delight to see as people choose to wear bright colours to highlight the vibrancy in which someone lived their lives. Even if it is not bright colours, black suits and black ties are just not a prevalent as they used to be showing a big shift in the attire that people choose to don when attending a ceremony. This signals a mindfulness to celebrate a life rather than to commiserate.


There is no denying that hymns are still common at funerals, but they are not in the overwhelming majority. Improvements in streaming has allowed crematoriums and chapels the ability to have music from any corner of the world and funeral-goers are choosing more modern music to reflect the day and the person’s life they are celebrating.


One part of funerals that we are extremely keen on encouraging the organisers is that they should reflect the loved one and their hobbies and interests. We’ve seen some amazing transport used such a motorcycle sidecar, Land Rover Defender, horse-drawn carriage or even a Robin Reliant made iconic by Only Fools and Horses.

Our ethos at Freedom Funerals is that you should feel free to have the service you desire and at a fair price. That’s why we even let you share your wishes with us to make sure that you get the send-off you wish for…