Podcasts on Grief

Posted on January 12th, 2021

There are many forms of media out there created to help you cope with the process of grieving a loved one who has passed. Podcasts are a great option for those who may not enjoy reading and find comfort in listening to someone else’s voice without the pressure of a two-way conversation. We’ve put together a list of the top grief podcasts that may help you feel less alone, or even make it easier to talk to someone about what you are going through…

The Grief Gang by Amber Jeffrey

Amber Jeffrey, 23-year-old host of The Grief Gang podcast, was just 19 years old when she tragically lost her mum to a heart attack. Amber created the podcast with the intention to help normalise, and encourage, conversations about grief among young people who may otherwise be uncomfortable or scared to speak about the feelings they are experiencing after a loved one’s death. The Grief Gang features a range of different guests telling their own stories on death and how they cope with grief. Episodes feature a range of topics from figuring out how to live life without certain people in it, grief and relationships, the feeling of guilt, psychic and medium experiences, and taking holidays when grieving.

Dead Parent Club by Kathryn Hooker

Kathryn Hooker’s Dead Parent Club (DPC for short) focuses on supporting young people who have prematurely lost their parents. DPC invites on guests who have themselves experienced losing one or both parents at a young age. Conversation topics cover everything from grieving with siblings, experiences of suicide and much more.

Grief Out Loud by Jana DeCristofaro

Grief Out Loud is a popular podcast from the US, hosted by Jana DeCristofaro, and consisting of a concoction of personal stories and tips for supporting children, teens, and yourself through a grieving period. Jana dives into insightful interviews with bereavement professionals, as well as episodes with everyday people who have lost a loved one. Grief Out Loud brings attention to important subjects including losing a child, trying to understand suicide, children and young people returning to school prior to a passing, survivors’ guilt, widowed parenting, and miscarriage.

Griefcast by Cariad Lloyd

British comedian Cariad Lloyd adds a sprinkle of humour to an otherwise heavy subject with her podcast, Griefcast. With an array of different guests, from writers and chefs to comedians and actors, joining Cariad to talk about their own experiences with grief, as well as appearances from professionals such as Behavioural Scientists. Listen to Cariad chat with guests about sudden deaths and handling shock, helping children through the grief process, and even coping with media intrusion for those in the public eye.

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