How much help is a funeral grant?

Posted on November 30th, 2018

The process of planning a funeral is difficult for anybody, causing an emotional strain as well as, often, stress on a practical level. On top of this, worrying about the potential costs involved can add to an already long list of concerns.

In certain circumstances, some of the expense can be alleviated by a grant, such as a Funeral Expenses Payment. This is a one-off payment from the government specifically to support the costly process of funeral arrangement, which averages at £1,200-£1,300. Eligibility for this grant is dependent on a few factors, such as the funeral arranger’s relationship to the deceased and which, if any, benefits or tax credits they receive.

Whilst helpful, though, remember that a funeral grant will likely not cover the full cost of a loved one’s service. With the average funeral cost currently sitting at £4,078, unfortunately you can rarely rely on a grant as your sole solution for payment. Funeral Expenses Payments can also be affected by factors such as the presence of a pre-paid funeral plan, or the settling of the deceased’s estate.

If cost is a concern, though, there are quite a few ways to manage this. While you can save on expense by taking on some of the arrangements yourself, talking with a funeral director, especially an independent or local one, is always a good starting point. They will be able to advise the minimum legal requirements and areas where you can afford to budget as well as explain the payment plans on offer.

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