How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

Posted on November 22nd, 2021

When it comes to arranging a funeral, the question of cost can be one that causes a lot of concern – a worry that can be made all the more unbearable throughout a period of grief. Here at Freedom Funerals, we take great care to do all we can to ease your stress at this most difficult of times, and one way we aim to do that is by making the process of costing up memorial options more straightforward.

Often funerals are perceived to be costly affairs, but there are so many reasons why you may be working to a particular budget. We do our best to offer a range of options to suit everyone, no matter how much you are hoping to spend, but make sure that every service we arrange will be respectful and dignified, to provide a final farewell for your loved one that you can be proud of.

The price of a funeral will vary based on a few factors – such as where you live, the funeral director you choose to work with and, importantly, what kind of service you are looking to arrange.

In general, a traditional burial may come with more expense than other options such as cremations, as in addition to the basic provision of a simple coffin, pallbearers and celebrant for the service, you can expect some third-party levies (which vary from catchment area to catchment area) to cover elements such as burial fees, grave rights and minister fees (if applicable). A green burial may be an alternative option, especially for someone that was a nature lover in life, perhaps taking place in a peaceful woodland setting, such as Oakfield Wood, where plots may be marked with trees, plants or simple wooden crosses or where ashes may be interred or scattered.

If the person who has passed away expressed a wish to be cremated so that their ashes might be scattered somewhere in particular, a cremation often comes with fewer third-party fees attached, as well as giving the chance for a dignified (traditional or non-traditional) ceremony, similar to that taking place for a burial, for mourners to pay their final respects together in the way the family wishes.

More and more families are opting for direct cremations – traditional, religious or elaborate services are not right for everyone. Not only is this a viable choice if you do not have large funds available, but this approach also provides you with full freedom to arrange your own, personal memorial with friends and family at a later date, celebrating the life of your loved one in your own special way, with no traditions or rituals that you do not want. Read more about what is involved with direct cremations.

We do our best to make sure that the prices of all our services are completely transparent to ensure that you know exactly what each option costs, what is included and what is not, and can be confident that you will not be presented with additional, unexpected, fees at any point. You can find pricing information about all of the services that we offer on our Costs page; you’ll find our prices are itemised for full clarity and disclosure, helping you to make an informed decision about which choice is right for you, your family and friends.

If you would like to discuss anything you see or have any questions – including about ways to make a memorial even more personal to the loved one who has passed away – simply call our compassionate team on 01206 862 963, who are always ready to help you or simply lend an ear.