Holidays Can Be Hard…

Posted on August 15th, 2019

With the sun shining and the season in full swing, friends and family alike may be full of excitement and plans for a summer getaway. However, when you’ve lost someone close to you, the holiday season can be a particularly difficult time.

The idea of planning, or even contemplating, taking a break can seem unthinkable when you’re grieving; you may feel daunted by the thought of taking on the organisation, guilt for arranging something joyful for yourself without them, or sadness or fear at the thought of going away alone.

A well-deserved break might give you some time to rest and recuperate – or even some brief distraction – but only if you’re ready to go. You may not feel ready yet, and that’s perfectly alright too; the thought of any kind of planning for the future can understandably be overwhelming when you’re suffering such a loss.

We understand that grief can cause you to feel a range of emotions, especially during holiday season and other typically joyful occasions… rest assured, all of these feelings are natural and more importantly, you are not alone in them, there are others experiencing similar pain.

While your grief is shared with those around you, it is nonetheless an individual experience and likewise, you may need to find your own way to best cope with your feelings. This could mean taking a break, some peace and quiet to yourself at home, or to be around family and friends.

This summer holiday season, take a moment out from the noise of others’ plans for some deep breathing and to think about what is best for you. Talking to your loved ones about how you’re feeling and what support you need, while not always easy, can also make a big difference to your peace of mind, realising that you’re not in this alone.

At Freedom Funerals, we know how difficult it can be when you’ve lost someone close to you at any time of year, and we’re always here to help – or even just to lend an ear. If you’d like to talk, our friendly, compassionate team are available day or night; give us a call on 01206 862963.