Funerals in Current Times

Posted on April 15th, 2020

We are in unprecedented times with Covid-19 affecting everyone’s lives and for those in the sad position of losing a loved one, Covid-19 is impacting that too. The government has introduced rules and guidance regarding funerals and social distancing, and we thought it might be useful to share the answers to some commonly asked questions:

How do I plan a funeral during Covid-19?
In the same way as usual. We would recommend contacting your Funeral Director as soon as possible after a loved one dies. In usual circumstances, planning a funeral often starts with a face-to-face meeting but we are currently holding these meetings digitally or over the phone, so we can guide you through every step.

How many people can go to a funeral?
Funerals are currently restricted to immediate family only, with no more than ten people. The exception to this is for green burials, but social distancing rules still apply.

Can people watch the funeral remotely?
Yes! There is lots of technology that you can use to stream the funeral for those unable to attend, so they watch and feel part of the event. The majority of crematoriums already have the necessary equipment in place. Simply discuss your requirements with your Funeral Director who will liaise with the crematorium and the tech provider; then you need only share the link to allow people to participate remotely.

A small funeral is not what we planned; what can we do?
We totally understand a funeral with a limit on the number of guests may not be the send-off that you, or your loved one, had wished for. However, there are some options to consider, from streaming the service online so people can ‘attend’ remotely or organising a memorial service later on in the year.

The team at Freedom Funerals are here for you, whether you need someone to talk to while coping with bereavement and isolation, or if you are planning a funeral – please do give us a call on 01206 862 963 or email us at

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