Direct Cremation: Freedom to Choose

Posted on February 19th, 2024

We know only too well how difficult it can be when you lose someone close to you – and this time can feel all the tougher when you find yourself responsible for arranging that person’s funeral. You will want to celebrate their life in a way that you feel is fitting and personal to them, but it’s not always easy to know how that could, or should, look and can come with a lot of emotional and practical concerns.

More and more people, and their friends and families, are finding that direct cremations are the right path when it comes to a simple yet dignified final journey for someone that meant a lot to them – and there are a few reasons for this.

Freedom of Choice

In contrast to more traditional options, direct cremations are free of pomp and ceremony. Your loved one will take their last journey in a plain and simple coffin, having of course been treated with the utmost respect while in the care of the funeral director and crematorium team. Your loved one’s ashes will be released to you shortly afterwards, giving you complete freedom of choice in where, when and how you wish to scatter them.

While you’re unable to attend a direct cremation and typically, there is no period of visitation beforehand, this means you and your friends and family are fully free to celebrate your loved one’s life and say goodbye however you may want to, in a truly individual, personal way at a later date of your choosing and convenience.

Simple and Informal

Every family is different and there’s certainly no one right or wrong way to memorialise someone that has passed away. For some, a traditional or religious funeral ceremony and burial may be the right route – especially if this was of importance to the deceased in life – but many families want something comparatively ‘low key’.  In these instances, more and more people are turning to direct cremation, which is more informal whilst still remaining respectful and compassionate.

In many instances, it is the preference of the deceased to have a simple, no-frills approach after they’re gone, rather than a larger, more extravagant occasion. This may just be a personal choice – or might be decided with the intention of relieving the practical and financial pressures on those left behind. Many people find that a direct cremation can be a suitable option for meeting those wishes.


The extra worry about funeral costs can cause additional stress at an already very difficult time. While direct cremations are respectful of the deceased and their family, by nature of their simplicity they represent an often much more affordable option compared to more traditional funeral alternatives.

Not only is the process quicker and more straightforward than some, an unattended direct cremation also greatly reduces the often-expected requirement for buying flowers, renting transportation or booking event venues for a formal wake – all additional costs that can build up and become problematic for families in charge of making arrangements.

At Freedom Funerals we are here to offer support and guidance every step of the way and strive to keep the costs of all of our options, including direct cremation, upfront and transparent. Get in touch via if you have any questions or require any advice.