Choosing the Green Path

Posted on September 11th, 2020

We understand that planning a funeral for your loved one can feel overwhelming. Here at Freedom, we strive to make the day special and meaningful, by giving you the most personal service possible. If your loved one was passionate about the environment, one option could be to hold a green funeral for them, with numerous eco-friendly adjustments to the traditional service.

What is a green funeral?

A green funeral minimises the environmental impact of a typical service by choosing sustainable options. This usually involves using biodegradable coffins, and a burial site designed to preserve existing areas of woodland. Rather than being marked with a headstone, the burial site is shown through using a natural memorial such as planting a tree or flower, or using a marker created using natural materials, like a wooden cross.

How are they different to traditional funerals?

Green funerals are very flexible, with no pressure to follow a traditional agenda. However, most woodland sites will accommodate your wishes, so they can be conducted by either a religious minister or a celebrant. A lovely addition to a green funeral is doing a memory walk through the woodland, to share moments of remembrance with friends and family. Eco-coffins are an environmentally conscious choice, and a good alternative to traditional caskets. They come in many different materials, such as bamboo, pine, willow, banana leaf or cardboard.


If you do choose an eco-burial for someone you have lost, you will find that on average they are a cheaper option to traditional funerals. Costs do vary depending on the site you choose for the burial, and whereabouts you live in the UK. Prices start at a couple of hundred pounds but can fluctuate to several thousand. You may also have to pay an interment fee, but this does vary from site to site. We can provide some guidance on some of your options.

What now?

There are over 200 woodland burial sites around the UK, with numerous locations in both Essex and Suffolk. Call us on 01206 862963 or email us at to have a chat and find out more about this popular option. We are always here to answer any questions you may have, and to offer advice on what would suit your loved one best.