Can a card game break the last taboo at Christmas?

Posted on December 17th, 2018

Christmas is traditionally a wonderful time of the year as we enjoy the company of friends and family, playing games and having fun. It can be a distressing time, however, for many who are missing a loved one who has passed away and struggle to talk about it.

Even for those who have all their family around them, the conversations can start to dry up and so the board games come out to pass the time.

A new game in the US is now bringing a card game to the table that hopes to get people talking about death to soften any pains of bereavement later in life.

The left-field, Death Deck, is a lively party game with a focus on lightening up conversations around death, which challenges teams to score points by answering questions on the taboo subject of death.

Designed by two friends in the US, who met when one of their partners was in the final stages of a cancer battle, it aims to help people open up about difficult subjects before they have to deal with them down the road.

Here at Freedom Funerals, we are huge advocates of opening up about bereavement and death to be able to cope when the worst happens.  That’s why we started our Deaths Cafes in Colchester and even though this game may seem a little extreme, it really can only be a good thing if it allows people to open up and avoid unnecessary pain further down the line.

If you are struggling over Christmas with the loss of loved one, you can always call our team for advice and support on  01206 862963.