Boxing clever with grief

Posted on April 10th, 2019

There are many different stages of grief and here at Freedom Funerals we fully understand that everyone reaches the different stages at different times.

One saying to help describe grief that we find useful is the “Ball and the Box” analogy, which is a great way to understand your own grief as well as the grief of others around you.

This analogy focuses on a ball in a box as a way of representing the grief that you feel after losing someone close to you.

When the grief is fresh, the ball is big and you feel the grief more because the ball is hitting the side of the box continuously and there is no escaping the feeling.

However, over time the ball of grief may become smaller meaning it can move around more but still hit the side of the box causing spikes in emotion.

Grief certainly does change over time and it is natural to feel guilt when the pain you feel lessens day to day.

Why the “Ball in the Box” analogy works so well is that allows people to understand that just because the grief is not always all-encompassing, it does not mean it’s not there.

At Freedom Funerals, we encourage talking about emotions and we hope that this analogy will help people that do not find it easy to explain their emotions to interact more freely.

Saying something simple like “the ball is a bit bigger today” can keep the dialogue between family and friends open in the most difficult times.

Our team offer support for people in their toughest time. If you want someone to talk to or need any advice, call our friendly team on 01206 862963.