A Peony For Your Thoughts

Posted on March 24th, 2022

Flowers: they often allow us to convey difficult emotions and feelings when we just can’t find the words, and they are thought to hold sentimental meaning and have messages behind them. Customarily, flowers also feature heavily within the funeral process, with the earliest documentation of this dating back even as far as 62,000 BC.

Here at Freedom Funerals, when it comes to flowers, and all elements of the memorial process, we believe that the choice between both alternative and traditional options should always be yours. Whether you want lilies, orchids or roses – or to use of a specific colour to represent your loved one’s favourite football team – there are so many fitting options, if you even wish for flowers at all.

With Mother’s Day just days away – another occasion usually marked with an abundance of flowers – we recognise that this is a period is often difficult or bittersweet for those experiencing grief, especially following the loss of a parent. We are here to stand with you, whether you’re trying to ‘say it with flowers’ to your mother or are overwhelmed with the pressure of arrangements for a funeral. 

We’ve put together some ideas about flower choices, and colours meanings, below:

White Flowers

The colour white is often associated with feelings of peace. This colour frequently is seen with lilies, which are thought to convey grace and dignity, and are a beautiful, traditional choice for funerals, representing a sense of peace for the person we have lost. If you are looking for a more alternative approach, then white orchids, denoting sympathy, may offer a perfect choice for you.

Blue Flowers

Often associated with symbolism of condolences and mourning, blue is of course also known as a synonym for sorrow. Although this is rare colour in nature, flowers such as hydrangeas have a lovely hue and make for beautiful wreaths, in a range of blue or lilac colours.

Pink Flowers

This popular colour is perfect for those wanting to convey gentleness and sympathy, with roses also being a traditional choice for expressing love. Comparatively, soft pink carnations and bright daisies alike can both make for graceful or eye-catching coffin adornments or personalised floral tributes.

Yellow Flowers

A colour that is associated with joy and love, yellow flowers at a funeral can convey a sense of celebration of life, so might be particularly appropriate for those experiencing the loss of a friend. A thoughtful consideration might be gladioli, providing vibrant blooms and expressing a sense of strength and integrity. Alternatively, chrysanthemums, roses and lilies all can interact beautifully in bespoke arrangements.

Purple Flowers

Purple is frequently associated with a sense of respect. The prevailing nature of the colour means there is an array of beautiful flower choices, but an often-overlooked option of using hyacinths makes for a lovely, fragrant display. A sentimental plant, hyacinths also symbolise that your loved one is in your thoughts.

The team at Freedom Funerals are here to ensure that every detail is taken care of and we’re always willing to listen and help however we can. We work closely with experienced, professional florists who will create wonderful and fitting floral tributes for your loved one’s funeral, if you decide flowers are the way to go.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out at any stage of this process, or if you have any questions. Give our compassionate team a call on 01206 862 983 or email us at whenever you’re ready.