A Beautiful Review

Posted on March 19th, 2019

Here at Freedom Funerals, we believe that the support we provide our customers is just as important as the services we offer.

That’s why we are delighted to have recently been given the ‘Customer Champion Award’ from Beyond Life following a review from a recent client.

The review, left by Caroline, expresses how in a difficult time, the support that we offered alongside our services made saying goodbye to Duncan a more positive experience for her and her family.

“Excellent, 5 stars. We have not arranged a funeral before. Our son died 02.11.18. He was 31 years of age. He loved the environment and was a committed conservationist. He left his beautiful 5-year-old son. We wanted a funeral to reflect his life and beliefs and a ceremony suitable for our grandson to attend. He needed to be able to say goodbye to his Daddy. We looked up funeral directors on the Internet and Freedom Funerals stood out for us. I cannot begin to tell you what a terrible time we were going through but as soon as I spoke to Lee at Freedom Funerals he helped so much: he was very informative, supporting us through all the decisions we had to make. Lee spoke to me like a normal person which I really appreciated. I cannot convey what that meant to me. I had spoken to other funeral directors and to be honest they just sounded fake and spoke to me like I was an unintelligent child. Lee answered all of our questions, he kept us informed of everything that was happening, he got back to us very promptly whenever we had a question, he spent so much time with us and was extremely patient with all of our wishes and changes of mind! He was there whenever we needed him. The ceremony was absolutely perfect for our son. We have had so many positive comments about the arrangements Freedom Funerals made for us. People compare funerals they have attended with the one Freedom Funerals organised and they always say how much more appropriate it was and how much they would prefer that kind of send-off. Our grandson attended and he did cry when saying goodbye to his Daddy, but he mainly laughed, enjoying all the stories of his Daddy and the entire celebration. The ceremony was not all dark and morbid, it was a celebration of our son’s beautiful life. Our grandson has been doing extremely well and we believe a big part of his acceptance has come from the wonderful celebration of his Daddy’s life Freedom Funerals provided. I have one other very important thing to say about this experience and to thank Lee at Freedom Funerals for: as a mother, I struggled so much with the fact that my son lay dead. My beautiful son, the baby I gave birth to, the boy I watched grow up, the man he became and the gentle caring father he was. I wanted to hold him again, speak to him, for him to not be dead. I found this experience profoundly difficult, the pain was not just emotional it was so physically painful, I felt I would die myself at times. My mind was in terrible turmoil. I want you to know that Lee helped me through that time and supported me in finding peace and acceptance. Lee is not just a man running a business, he is a truly caring, intuitive person. His greatest gift to me, as a mother, was caring for my beautiful son who lay dead in his care. I totally trusted him. Lee cared for my son and looked after him during the long days before we could lay him to rest and I cannot thank him enough for that care as well as everything else he has done for us. Caroline Mattocks, regarding my beautiful son, Duncan Mattocks.”


We’d like to say a huge thank you to Caroline for sharing her experience and we are truly overwhelmed to have been able to help in any way we could.